Checklist for elephant drivers and other animal tormentors. . . . . . . . .

Useful for 'normals'

  • On the go / for small repairs
  • thermo overall
  • wind shields at the motorbike (hands, knees, legs)
  • heatable gloves and / or mitten for motorbiking
  • starting spray
  • replacement sparks / -plugs (-ignition coil !)
  • adhesive tape (Gaffatape)
  • ribbon
  • Clothings
  • woolen hat, earmuffs
  • several pairs of socks
  • second pair of boots (moonboots are fantastic)
  • Living
  • tent / marquee
  • pliers,
     to pull out the frozen tent pegs
  • cover plane (in case of rain instead of snow)
  • folding chair
  • hatchet and saw
  • LED-headlamp
  • insulating sleeping mat / air mattress / sheepskin, for more sleeping comfort
  • down sleeping bag (with fleece inner bag)
  • snow shovel / large shovel
     (important: before shovelling the snow, have a 'kleiner Feigling')
  • much money to buy firewood and bales of straw
  • camera (celluloid cameras are working ever !)
  • trumpet (a keyed bugle is also appropriated !)
  • For the gourmet
  • three-legged grill with grill rust and large pot
  • pizza oven (if there is unused space on the bike)
  • gasoline stove
     (gas cookers are not working when it's frozen)
  • thermo cup (better with belt bracket)
  • plate / cutlery
  • 'hot' soups, (Asiashop) heat your body from inside
  • glogg / mulled wine / met
  • beer / booze / 'kleiner Feigling'
  • food for leisure (Spareribs, mmmmh !)
  • tabasco
  • Yogi-tea

This checklist makes no claim to completeness, but we will enhance it piece by piece.
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...and in the end one more bikers lore:
Motorbikers are never freezing; they are trembling in rage, because it's not even colder !